Maternity Relief Wrap

A therapy and support wrap made exclusively for expecting moms in a comfortable, safe, and easy to use design.

Using reusable ice/heat therapy with belly support, relax with the ultimate belly band to help you throughout your entire pregnancy. Relieve back aches and pains, support your growing baby and improve your posture with the Maternity Relief Wrap.

Product Features

  • Targets low and mid back pain with two pockets for cold / hot therapy packs.
  • Includes two reusable long-lasting therapy packs that provide up to 3 hours of relief.
  • The adjustable compression straps secure the belly band in place for maximum coverage, comfort and belly support.
  • The contoured, lightweight design gives you a personal fit as your belly continues to grow.
  • Our unique design is easy to put on and take off, and is comfortable to wear over or under clothing.

How It Works

1. Prepare the hot or cold Therapy Gel Pack(s) in microwave or freezer.

2. Place the hot or cold Therapy Gel Pack(s) inside the desired pocket(s).

3. Put the Maternity Relief Wrap on, adjust the top strap above your belly and fasten the Velcro for a comfortable, snug fit. Repeat the process for the strap underneath your belly.

4. The Maternity Relief Wrap can be worn over or under your clothing.

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