A Breast Pump Made for Moms…by Moms

Natural Nursing Technology mimics as closely as possible the experience of natural breastfeeding.

Committed to supporting every mother on the beautiful journey of breastfeeding, our double electric breast pumps are designed to bring comfort and confidence to every moment you share with your little one.

Product Features

Includes Everything a Mother Needs to Pump.

Massage Mode:

Simulates the natural suckling of a baby.

Ultra-Quiet Motor:

Operates at 45 decibels (like the hush of a library).

Back-Flow Protector:

Protects your breastmilk from harmful bacteria.

Adjustable Suction Levels:

Provides a more natural flow of milk.

Night Light:

Allows you to easily pump at any hour.

Auto-Timer with Display:

Offers visibility and precision with every session.

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