The Answer is YES – It’s Covered by Insurance!

We Work with the Following Providers…AND MORE:

Covered 100% by CareSource and all Medicaid plans as well as most Medicare plans and commercial / private plans.

  • High quality, medical grade, pre-fabricated braces and medical devices to reduce or eliminate pain. By prescription only.
  • Pre-authorized for you by our professional staff so you either have no out of pocket expense or an affordable self-pay option.
  • Custom-fitted and delivered to you in the most convenient and efficient manner as determined by you and your physician.

Leg Compression Therapy

  • Lowers risk of a DVT or deep vein thrombosis
  • Stimulates blood circulation to prevent clots
  • Convenient at home vascular compression therapy
  • Portable and lightweight with easy one button operation

Pregnancy Relief

  • Portable compression therapy to enhance circulation and relieve edema in the legs
  • Custom fitted maternity relief wrap delivers flexible ice/heat therapy for back pain relief & belly support
  • Premier rechargeable electric breast pump designed to bring complete comfort to the breastfeeding process
  • All industry leading, top-rated products

Back Pain Relief

  • Lightweight orthotic lumbar brace reduces stress and strain on your lower back
  • Heat and cold therapy improves posture and balance
  • Designed for long-term daily use and can be worn under clothing
  • Custom fitting session to ensure comfort and a proper fit. You leave with the brace.

Knee Pain Relief

  • Low-profile, light-weight brace reduces pressure inside the knee joint.
  • Ideal for knee ligament damage, knee surgeries, and instability of the knee.
  • Straps and cushions designed for all day support
  • Adjustable for easy sizing and comfort with maximum range of motion